ICT Enabled Teaching and Learning

The tremendous developments in communication technology, computer networks, and information technology have given the impetus to the Internet revolution. This has opened up a huge array of innovative teaching and learning possibilities. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has transformed the whole atmosphere of teaching and learning of each topic in every subject impressively. The pedagogy has touched a new height in terms of interactivity, flexibility, and convenience in ICT supported environment. This enables both teachers and students to access and share ideas and information in a variety of communication channels and methods.

1.In addition to the chalk and talk method of teaching, the faculty members are using IT-enabled learning tools such as PPT, Video clippings, Audio systems, online sources, to encourage the students to acquire advanced knowledge and interesting practical learning.

2. This is made possible by providing comfortably furnished state of the art classrooms with LCD/OH Projectors/ high-end Computers manned by computer savvy faculty members.

3. Highly competent faculty members continuously use innovative teaching resources in ICT enabled classrooms. They motivate students in whole-heartedly participating in an interactive learning process. They are involved in presentation of seminars, research papers, debates, group discussions, online tests/quiz/viva-voce, hands-on experiments, projects and laboratory experiments.

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