Code of Conduct



1.All students should wear clean and decent dress.

2. The girls should wear only Chudidhar/Saree and the boys should wear only Full Pant and Shirt (Half-Sleeve/Full- Sleeve). They should not wear shirts bearing pictures and printed matters. T-Shirts and Casual Sportive Jeans (Multi-Pockets with stripes in fading colour) are totally banned inside the campus.

3.Every Student should wear the identity card at all the time inside the campus. Students who lost their ID cards shall make a written request to the Principal for a duplicate Identity card.

4. Every student shall greet the members of the staff on his / her first meeting on the day.

5.When a member of the staff enters the classroom, the students have to stand up as a token of respect.

6. No student shall leave the class or laboratory without the permission of the Staff in-charge.

7. Students shall not allow on the corridors during the College hours.

8. Students are strictly forbidden to enter in to the other classrooms.

9. Smoking is prohibited inside the College premises.

10. Usage of Mobile Phone is strictly prohibited inside the college premises.

11. Students are advised to read notices displayed in the notice board now and then. Ignorance of any notice thus put up will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with it.

12. Strict silence should be maintained while moving from classroom to laboratory and vice-versa.

13. Students are advised to go to the reading room/library during leisure hours and spend the time usefully.

14. In case, any criminal case is registered against a student by the law enforcing authorities, he/she should intimate the same within 24 hours to the Principal, failing which, he / she is liable for disciplinary action leading to expulsion.

15.a) Under Tamil Nadu Educational rules, the Principal is empowered to inflict the following punishments in the interest of students or the institution concerned:

II.Loss of attendance
III.Loss of term certificate
V. Expulsion

b) The power to take disciplinary action against an erring student is inherent with the Head of the institution.

16. With regard to the matters not specified above, students shall aim at conducting themselves in a manner thoroughly suited to the functioning of the College.

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