The Department of zoology
The Department of Zoology was established in the year 2016. B. Sc (Zoology) department completed five state level seminars. Our department conducted one apiculture training programme March 2019.Our department student extension activity visited at CMFR, mandapam. The student of the department have actively participated in various symposia, seminar, workshop, conferences presented papers. The fully qualified faculty members of our department are actively engaging the students in teaching research. In our department has received National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) department funding 1 lakh for ornamental fish aquarium. Well developed laboratory and library adopted our department. More than 150 marine specimens obtain our zoology department museum. Master of Science (M. Sc) started at 2019.


1. Envision inculcating the highest values of life, science and education, respect for nature and concern for ethical values among the students through scientific educational practices.
2. Achieves excellence of students through teaching and learning life science areas.


1. To impart to be students the contemporary advancements in life sciences knowledge and vision.
2. To impart a global perspective and such skill among students moral that benefit humanity.
3. By strengthening the teaching learning process through innovative practices, the institution will stimulate the spirit of scientific enquiry and discovery in academics.
4. To create entrepreneurship among the students and their environments.

Faculty Members
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Dr.G.Chandra Lega,
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor

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Syllabus 2014

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Zoology department functions

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seminar function
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